Friday, November 18, 2005

December 2-3, Re-run of LYLAS debut performance!

Back by popular demand, LYLAS is performing a re-run show of their debut performance, "WASH-TV"!

Showtimes are December 2 and 3, Friday and Saturday, at 7 and 9 p.m. at 35below.

If you missed LYLAS in August, you can still experience the hilarity everyone is raving about. Get tickets now, before they sell out!
Call 279-4449.

Monday, August 15, 2005

We Love Asheville.

LYLAS gives a rousing debut performance to a packed house! Asheville's only all-female sketch comedy troupe, LYLAS is a collaboration between Jenny Bunn, Beth Keefauver, Emily McClain, Emily Miller and Betsy Puckett. Their debut performance of "WASH-TV" has become Asheville's newest and most hilarious theatrical sensation. Selling out four shows and turning people away at the door, LYLAS promises a re-run of the show in December.

Monday, August 01, 2005

LYLAS Debut, August 12-13

ASHEVILLE -- LYLAS, Asheville's first all-female sketch comedy troupe opens its first show Friday for four performances at 35below, the black box theater downstairs at Asheville Community Theatre.

LYLAS (an acronym which stands for "Love Ya Like A Sis," commonly scrawled in yearbooks and across the bottom of notes passed between girls), is a collaboration between Jenny Bunn, Beth Keefauver, Emily McClain, Emily Miller and Betsy Puckett. Described as "the Rebelles -- but fatter and clothed" or "Menage -- without the musical talent," LYLAS has an Asheville take on sketch comedy.

LYLAS performances run at 7 and 9 p.m. Friday and Saturday night at 35below beneath Asheville Community Theatre, 35 E. Walnut Street, downtown Asheville.

Monday, June 06, 2005

Jenny Bunn

Jenny Bunn is from Spartanburg, SC but came to Asheville by way of Los Angeles, where she worked in film and television casting. She wrote, acted, and directed with Freshly Squeezed in Los Angeles and Lilting Banshees in Winston-Salem, where she graduated from Wake Forest with a theatre degree. She has interned at Weston Playhouse, Long Wharf Theatre, and Mark Taper Forum. She currently works as the Program Director at Asheville Community Theatre.

Betsy Puckett (LYLAS Alumna)

Betsy Puckett is an actual Asheville native. She has appeared in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, the World Premiere of Dearly Beloved, Parallel Lives and last spring produced her first show, Judy Blume's Forever a parody in 2007 with her company Run Amok Productions. She graduated from Arizona State University with a BA in Dance. She has choreographed a thing or two in her lifetime. She directed her first show in 2008 - Waylon Wood's plays from the li'l nashville. The thing she is most proud of you ask?? Her beaming baby boys, Zeke and Noah, and her at home Team Puckett cheering section; Fred, Winnie and the ever sexy cool Benjamin.

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Sarah Carpenter (LYLAS Alumna)

Sarah Carpenter is a native of Greensboro, NC but has lived in Asheville for the past 5 years where she has appeared in many shows with many theatres. Her favorite credits include The Search For Signs of Intelligent Life in the Universe, Parallel Lives, The Rocky Horror Show, Backyard Fruit, and several pieces with Black Sheep Theatre Company with whom she has toured in the US and Ireland as a performer. Sarah has an interdisciplinary Women's Studies degree from Appalachian State and works as a stylist downtown at Lola Salon. She was last seen as Katherine in Forever with Run Amok Productions.

Delina Hensley

Delina is a native of Greeneville, TN where she worked as the Assistant Director of Tusculum College Arts Outreach. While there, she worked onstage and off in many many….MANY shows. Since being in Asheville, she has worked on the A.C.T. stage as Elizabeth Imbrie in The Philadelphia Story and most recently in Run Amok Production's, Plays from the Lil' Nashville as Reba.

Her favorite roles of the past include: Cat in the Hat, Seussical the Musical; Wicked Witch of the West/Elmira Gulch, Wizard of Oz; and her mostest favorite of all time, Adelaide in Guys & Dolls. Her hobbies (when not onstage or working) are sitting in the rain trying to light a fire with a stick because SHE CAN, watching grass grow and her passion….collecting dust. She is also the proud mother of 3 hairy children: Carson, Ming & Harley. Delina is UBER stoked to be welcomed into the fold of LYLAS and looks forward to the mischief…er…CREATIVITY…she can be a part of as one of the 'sisters'.

Saturday, June 04, 2005

Beth Keefauver

Beth Keefauver lives between states, dividing her time between University of Tennessee, where she teaches fiction writing, and Asheville NC, where she lives with husband, toddler, and cat. After taking a 10-year hiatus from the stage, Beth made her Asheville acting debut with LYLAS. Her theatre experience dates back to high school when she performed in many plays and, much to her post-feminist embarrassment, a beauty pageant. She directed the 2006 production of The Vagina Monologues at Western Carolina University and was seen bloody and screaming in a short horror film produced for the 48 Hour Film Project.

When she could not afford flight school, Beth worked as a forklift operator and sea turtle biologist before earning her PhD in English and Creative Writing. Her proudest accomplishments include rescuing a forty-acre urban forest from bulldozers, giving birth to her son, and forgoing a Led Zeppelin back tattoo from Myrtle Beach Senior Week ‘94. In addition to the sketches she writes for LYLAS, Beth's work has appeared in Blue Lotus Review, Pisgah Review, Interdisciplinary Studies in Literature and Environment, and Western North Carolina Woman. Beth is not on Facebook.

Friday, June 03, 2005

Emily McClain (LYLAS Alumna)

Emily McClain came to Asheville two years ago by way of Chicago. After working a variety of corporate office jobs, she has locked into one that she can bear and that provides her quality health insurance. She has a theatre degree from The College of Wooster, she runs the box office for 35below, and she was last seen as Trudy in The Search for Signs of Intelligent Life in the Universe.
Now days, McClain (as she is known by her friends), busies herself behind-the-scenes as a director for Dark Horse Theatre. She has directed several productions and is presently busy with "Alice Underground". Coincidentally, Dark Horse features LYLAS members Sarah Carpenter, Robin Raines, Delina Hensley, and LYLAS alum, Marissa Williams.

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Emily Miller Burns

Emily Miller Burns loves hanging out with funny women who laugh at themselves and the world. She graduated from Trinity College with a degree in Theatre/Dance & English. She opened for Jim David with her original stand-up comedy piece in 2004. She has appeared in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, The Search for Signs of Intelligent Life in the Universe and Dashing Through the Snow at Asheville Community Theatre, in several shows with Jericho Productions, Forever with RunAmok Productions, as well as as Green Heather in Heathers and most recently as the White Queen in Alice Underground with Dark Horse Productions. She also enjoys sharing her inner multi-a-logue in the ongoing Listen to This: Stories on Stage in 35below. She isn’t really trying to save the world, but she is the office administrator at Pisgah Legal Services. She is recently married and her dating advice is very complex: go to Idaho...You'll land you a husband like I did!